Had a great spring visiting many schools! I introduced a new program, Success Tips for Writers —  and enjoyed sharing this program with upper elementary and middle school students. I talked about what it takes to be a writer and which strategies students can use to enhance their writing.

This is a highly participative program and we had a lot of fun. Here are a just a few of the comments I received:

From an 8th grade L.A. teacher:
Eileen “gets” middle schoolers. Her conversational, participatory presentation manner kept my eighth graders highly engaged during the entire session. She spoke to them writer-to-writer and shared the struggles & joys she has experienced in developing her craft and with the publication process. Key word: Resilience! This was a great term for her to use, as that quality is one of our school’s key character traits. It was an important message for the students to hear. She so inspired my students that some of them began writing essays (that were not assigned in class!) that week and asked me to contact her for publisher information. I would love to have her return soon!

From an elementary school principal:
The Success Tips for Writers program reinforced everything that we have been working on this school year!

Here are a few photos from the assembly: