During the spring, I had the opportunity to visit a number of schools and share my “Author Journey” story with elementary and middle school students. It’s always a great day to be welcomed to a classroom and have the opportunity to share your passion for writing with young people. I’ve shared a few of the thank you notes from students and teachers after my visits.

Even though I loved reading books as a child, I never once dreamed of becoming an author. You see, I’d never met an author, nor heard one speak at my school or local library —  so when I was a child, becoming an author just didn’t seem to be in the realm of possible jobs. That’s the wonderful thing about visiting schools and libraries; I have the opportunity to talk to students about the work that I do, and hopefully our conversation opens up new possibilities as the students dream about their future careers.

One of my favorite moments is at the end of a classroom presentation when a few of the kids linger and want to talk about their writing, or which author inspires them, or how books have impacted their lives. In those few moments, writers and students form an instant connection! Thank you to the teachers who invited me to visit as a guest speaker.