Eileen Meyer Children's Author School Visits
Eileen Meyer Children's Author School Visits
Eileen Meyer Children's Author School Visits

Author Visits

Virtual Visits: 2020 changed the landscape with COVID-19 altering our daily life and interactions. For now, school assemblies and library events are on hold, but I can still connect with young readers and get them excited about books! I am able to offer VIRTUAL VISITS to work with your students—and bonus, I’ll offer these at a discounted price! (Contact me directly for pricing information.) All of my traditional programs listed below are available for your students in a modified format online. Additionally, check out my new program offerings as well.

I LOVE meeting readers of all ages! Some of my favorite experiences have been author visits for schools, libraries, book festivals and professional conferences.

Contact me about an AUTHOR VISIT – My professional fees will depend upon the number of days booked, how many presentations are scheduled per day, and the travel involved to visit with you. For a quote and more information about my programs, please contact me.

My current programs include:

For grades 3 – 8 (50 – 60 minutes), For grades K-2 (30 minutes) 

Our nation’s sixteenth president is universally loved and admired. Drawing from my book, The SUPERLATIVE A. Lincoln, I’ll share new insights. What important lessons did Abraham Lincoln model? How are Lincoln’s words and actions relevant today? I’ll answer these questions and involve students in short skits about our most admired president. In this program focusing on Lincoln’s character and excellence, students will be encouraged to “Be Superlative — Be Like Abe!” (Multi-media presentation for maximum 200 students. Laptop running PowerPoint software and viewing screen required.)

TIME CAPSULE POETRY – NEW, For grades 2 – 8 (30 – 40 minutes) 

Do you want to preserve special memories? I’ll show students how to craft a poem to store in a TIME CAPSULE! Together we’ll brainstorm our own unique word banks about favorite summer memories that each student will use to create a list poem. (List poems can be unrhymed or rhymed, no fixed length, and include any number of items.) Once we’ve captured our unique experiences in our own poem, we’ll preserve it! I’ll show students how to make a time capsule out of an empty snack tube with basic art supplies (paper, glue or tape, and crayons or markers—art project to be completed in class after the virtual visit.) Take your time capsule poetry home to show family and friends, then tuck this lasting keepsake away to look at again in the future.

WRITING A MASK POEM – NEW, For grades 2 – 8 (30 – 40 minutes) 

Have you ever wanted to write from a different point of view? I’ll share details about the fun and easy process I used to craft my poem written from the perspective of Lincoln’s iconic stovepipe hat. Students will pick an object, brainstorm their own word bank, then begin crafting a poem from the point of view of their object. Students will make creative writing decisions . . . Will the tone of their poem be serious or funny? What exactly does their object have to say? This entertaining activity is always a hit! Later, students may illustrate their completed poem to create a unique work of art.

For grades 3 – 8 (50 – 60 minutes)

What does it take to be a successful writer? Which strategies can students use to enhance their writing skills? I’ll answer these questions and much more in this highly participative program as I share my Top Five Tips for achieving writing success at any age. (Multi-media presentation for maximum 200 students. Laptop running PowerPoint software and viewing screen required.)

For grades K – 3 (30 – 35 minutes)

Join the Safari and uncover interesting animal facts! Which animal sleeps upside down? How does a dolphin sleep and swim at the same time? Which creature is the fastest in the animal kingdom? During an interactive skit presentation, students will learn how to research and uncover new information as they role play. (No technology required – author props provided for skit. Program for maximum 100 students.)


“Eileen presented two wonderful, informative, and high-energy programs at our K-4 school! She enthusiastically greeted the students and then quickly jumped into the heart of her presentation. For our younger students, Eileen demonstrated all of the components that go into researching a nonfiction book. She interacted with the students – asking them questions and using them as models. For our older students, Eileen talked about successful writing tips. She emphasized the importance of revision and determination, which was key for our students to hear. Eileen’s passion for literature and writing definitely shine through!”
– District Librarian, Knoxville School District, about both the Join the Safari and Success Tips programs

“Eileen was right on target with the Growth Mindset philosophy our school promotes. She encouraged students to persevere when writing is difficult and to not give up on a dream.”
– Librarian, May Whitney Elementary, about the Success Tips program

“The Success Tips for Writers program reinforced everything that we have been working on this school year!”
– Principal, Issac Fox Elementary School

“We loved the Safari! The skit made learning about research methods fun and entertaining. Everyone wanted to participate. You had such a nice rapport with the kids.”
– 2nd Grade Teacher, Prospect Elementary, Join the Safari program

“We look all over for presentations like what you just did – it’s hard to find.”
– 1st Grade Teacher, Chenoa Elementary, Join the Safari program

“Eileen ‘gets’ middle schoolers. Her conversational, participatory presentation manner kept my eighth graders highly engaged during the entire session. She so inspired my students that some of them began writing essays (that were not assigned in class!) that week and asked me to contact her for publisher information.”
– 8th Grade L.A. Teacher, Lincoln Jr. High, about the Success Tips program

“The staff and students LOVED having Eileen visit. The elementary kids are very impressionable at this age and truly take what a presenter says to heart. We had more kids wanting to write their own story after Eileen left….. so I know that she made a true impact on them.”
– Principal, El Paso Elementary Schools, about the Join the Safari program

More information when planning an Author Visit

Here are a few things I need for my program:
• Microphone
• A table for my props (1 large table should work)
• If you’ve selected any of my multimedia presentation – I’ll need an overhead projector to display Power Point from a school laptop to a large viewing screen.
• A room, such as the library or gym, where we can gather. Students may sit on the floor, leaving enough space for an aisle down the middle of the group.
• A bottle of water would be great!

Here are some suggestions for a successful Author Visit

• Once we have booked a date, we’ll work together so that I have a detailed schedule before the visit.
• Please allow a 10-15 minute break in between each session, and a lunch-break for full-day sessions.
• Maximum number of students in each session is 200. (Smaller groups of 100 work best for the youngest students.)
• It’s helpful to have the principal, librarian, or a teacher introduce me to start each session.
• It works well if the students have seen my books and heard of me before I visit. Some librarians post a short author Q&A on the library bulletin board. Some hold a student art contest (ex. illustrate a baseball pennant for my book, Ballpark – or create an animal illustration for my book, Sweet Dreams, Wild Animals!). Schools provide one of my books as a prize for the contest winner(s).
• Let teachers, students and parents know that my website has downloadable Activity Guides for each of my books – there are crafts, puzzles, bingo, poem templates and other activities.
• I’ll provide you with a book flyer that may be sent home with students ahead of my visit. Book sales aren’t required, but it helps spark an interest in books, writing and the author visit. We can discuss details once a visit is booked.
• Payment for services provided is due the day of the program.
• Contact me if interested in a Skype Visit.