The Superlative A. Lincoln by author Eileen Meyer

Dave Szalay illustrated The Superlative A. Lincoln.
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The Superlative A. Lincoln

Coming November 5, 2019 – Charlesbridge Publishing.
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The Superlative A. Lincoln celebrates the numerous (and surprising) ways in which our sixteenth president excelled. The nineteen poems in this non-fiction poetry collection include “Most Distracted Farmer,” “Biggest Dreamer,” “Best Use of an Accessory,” and “Most Admired President,” to name a few. Each poem shares a fascinating story about events in Abraham Lincoln’s life. History notes accompany each poem and explain more about the ways in which Lincoln was superlative.

In the back matter, “The Superlative YOU” encourages children to consider the numerous ways in which they, too, are superlative. This book empowers young readers to learn more about Lincoln’s life and dream about great accomplishments they hope to achieve.

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